Broken Cuisinart steel slicing knife; please see additional details.

I broke an 8” Cuisinart 8” slicing knife in two pieces by using the side of it to smash garlic. Since it was steel do I need a better knife set? If so what kind.
Thx. A daily home cook. Mrs. WenBen



Nancy April 29, 2020
Dear Mrs Wenben -
Wow! Oops! Hope you, your garlic and your fingers are all ok!
I've smashed my garlic for years with the side of a chef's knife or cleaver and all went well.
Use one of those (or get yourself as good a chef's knife as you can afford).
That and a paring knife are the two essentials one needs in the kitchen, for daily hard use, so quality is important.
For slicing, I use a serrated long knife for bread, tomatoes and other things that need that kind of edge.
Nancy April 29, 2020
I 1st answered your question obliquely.
Here's more direct shopping advice.
Buy good quality Japanese, European (German, Swiss or French) or industrial American brands from a kitchen supply store near you.
Pick up and hold possible knives, to see if the weight and shape suit you.
Also choose by material, for ex, stainless steel for strength and ease of care; carbon steel for a sharper edge and needing more care.
As with pots, I avoid sets and prefer to buy individual items suitable for their tasks.
MrsWenBen May 1, 2020
Thank you, my fingers and the garlic were all good, luckily it broke clean. I got lucky too. I will be looking for these traits when investing in my knives. I use them daily so a good knife will be an investment piece. Thank you.
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