Is it possible to cook this grilled flatbread not on a grill or grill pan? I unfortunately have no such thing in my recently moved-into Bronx apar...

...tment. Will a frying pan work...?

Sarah Marx
Grilled Flatbread
Recipe question for: Grilled Flatbread


tina November 20, 2014
i just made mine in a frying pan lightly brushed with oil and they cooked up nicely!
Horto September 8, 2014
i just saw Alton Brown grilling some sort of flatbread, over the gas stove on what looked like a cooling rack, he moved it about with the help of a pliers of some sort, kinda like over the camp fire, my kinda thing….as of late i have been making a big mess using my stove top gas burners like an outdoor grill, and yes I have a grill

Valley September 8, 2014
Hi Sarah! From what I remember of the dough when working with it, is that it is very sticky. So, the heat should be very, very hot. I'd love to experiment if the grill pan or pan is hot enough, but be cautious of burning the bread. Sounds like fry bread! Anyone have any experience with fry bread?
fitzie August 29, 2014
Of course. Cast iron would be best.
Horto August 29, 2014
its like cooking pizza
Nancy August 29, 2014
Another way to bake in oven (in addition to on the rack per Susan W) is on sheet tray/cookie pan - both designed for baking temps.
Sarah M. August 28, 2014
Thank you so much! And yes, I will invest.
Susan W. August 28, 2014
Good luck! :)
Susan W. August 28, 2014
Sarah, using your oven would be better than using a non stick pan. You can lay the dough directly on the rack. I've done it with pizza dough many times, so I am quite sure it will work with flatbread dough.
Sarah M. August 28, 2014
What temperature do you set the oven to?
Susan W. August 28, 2014
I go as hot as I can. 450 - 500. At that temp, you can follow the grill instructions in the recipe. My grill has a temp guage and it reaches 500 on high and drops to 450 when I open the lid and put food on.
Susan W. August 28, 2014
I also meant to add, you might want to invest in a cast iron grill pan for your crib. :) They are inexpensive and will come in handy for breads like this, steaks and burgers.
HalfPint August 28, 2014
Yes, a frying pan would work, but non-stick coated pans should not be heated anywhere in excess of 450F. At around 500F, Teflon coating will start to decompose and twill start emitting toxic gas. Smoking hot is a vague term, but I'm guessing it is close to that temperature. I would advise against using a frying pan because that high of a temp can also cause the pan to warp.

Do you have a cast iron skillet? Now those can really take the heat. I've made naan on the stovetop using my 10" cast iron skillet and it worked beautifully. Bonus: cast iron lasts forever (with proper care) and they are so inexpensive.
Sarah M. August 28, 2014
Unfortunately I also don't have a cast iron skillet. Just some nonstick pans. I guess I will try it!
sfmiller August 28, 2014
I would think so. The dough is similar to pita bread (with a little more fat), which can be successfully baked in a skillet.
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