fermenting berries to berry wine?

I've got leftover berries that have started to ferment in the fridge. Possible to turn into wine?? The taste is pretty strong and I'm not sure if it'd be safe to eat them anyways, so I wasn't planning to try and make them into something else...



jilhil August 29, 2014
I agree that the compost heap is the right use for your berries now. For future berry overloads you can make wine out of them but need to add wine yeast and sugar to them while they are still in good shape. The resulting wine can be very good but does take some time and trouble to make. An easier alcoholic option is to steep the berries in vodka for a few weeks then strain through a coffee filter , add sugar to taste and flavoring a.
aargersi August 29, 2014
I just Googled and read a bit because I have done the same thing and I think the answer is no - first off all of the recipes include yeast that you add and I am pretty sure what's going on in your fridge is spoilage that is not the same thing. Most site also start with a LOT of berries (how many do you have going bad?) proper equipment, planning, etc ... so I think the short answer is - compost them!
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