how can I prepare goat

I purchased 1/2 of a goat at the county fair and need some recipes for it.
I've eaten goat in Jamaica but it's not on a lot of menus here in the states.

Deb Gregory


withinseason September 7, 2014
If you like mexican style -- I'd recommend birria (see Diana Kennedy's Cuisines of Mexico) or Rick Bayless Slow-Braised Lamb (or Goat) Jalisco Style (on Frontera website). We did this with goat shoulder, bone-in. It was fantastic.
bigpan September 7, 2014
One word - tagine !
Jo B. September 5, 2014
Check out Ethiopian goat tibs--the goat is cut into small pieces and stir fried with spices and onion and such
aargersi September 5, 2014
I love curried goat in the Caribbean - here is a simple recipe / video:

We also do goat ribs much like you would treat lamb ribs - with a good marinade, some low heat cooking finished by a high heat finish. My brother in law recently brought over a baby goat leg (they raise and butcher them) that he had marinated in a soy / ginger / garlic type marinade that also had sweetness (honey? palm sugar?) then roasted low and slow for a couple of hours, and he finished it on our grill. Delicious!
ChefJune September 4, 2014
You can treat goat meat the same as you would lamb. I have been very successful using my lamb recipes with goat.
Susan W. September 4, 2014
One of the best meals of my life was bbq'd baby goat in Texas. It was cooked slowly on a spit over a wood fire. I asked and they would braise a grown-up goat.
HalfPint September 4, 2014
Here's a collection of goat recipes,

you might also search under 'cabrito'. Chances are you've seen cabrito on some Mexican menus or as 'mutton' on Indian menus.
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