Do i continue oven cooking my boneless pork ribs if they are cooked? Had them covered in covered pan for an hour and a half...about three pounds.

They were in The oven about an hour and a half. About 300 and covered. Just checked on them but they produced alot of sauce which probably boiled them! I dumped the liquid and checked for doneness. They are fully cooked but not tender. Should I continue cooking or will that make them tougher? Help!!?

  • Posted by: Alicia
  • June 14, 2016


Alicia June 14, 2016
Ahhh great info..thanks so much Susan!
Alicia June 14, 2016
Thank you both. I am cooking for a family for a few months now and generally don't have issues except when it comes to pork and maybe beef as I haven't cooked it in years! I made a good kinda bbq sauce, which I let the ribs sit in for an hour or more. Then stuck it in the oven around 300 (temp gauge is off) . Was hoping to let it go for a couple hours, but went to turn the ribs over and was surprised to see so much liquid and shrinkage. And cut a small one open to find it cooked thoroughly. Was at a loss what to do. I basted with more sauce and turned the oven lower. About 15 minutes later I turned it way up to try and char the outside...broiler not working... so about 10 more minutes later, let them rest. Packed them up and went on my way. . My take tasting portion when I got back home was def not tender but not totally dried out. I probably should have added more sauce after dumping the excess......and continued, covered for a bit. But I was panicked to think it would turn into shoe leather. Tricky one for me!!!! Thanks again. Glad I found this site
Susan W. June 14, 2016
The tougher cuts of pork, like ribs and shoulder are different than other cuts. They need to go beyond being cooked. They reach a magical time when the meat relaxes and becomes tender. That usually happens around 185-190 ish. A meat thermometer would be a useful tool for you.

You'll nail it next time. :)
Susan W. June 14, 2016
Definitely lower the heat as Phil said. Don't pour off the liquid. Boneless ribs are actually part of the shoulder. They need to braise until tender.
PHIL June 14, 2016
hopefully she didn't dump all the liquid.
Susan W. June 14, 2016
I kinda think she did, but your idea of adding liquid now is a good one.
PHIL June 14, 2016
Try adding some liquid, maybe a little beer, stock, some bbQ sauce on them , cover the pan tightly with foil tightly and let them braise. You have to get the fat and collagen to render out of the ribs. they may be cooked but they are not done. keep at 250 till they are tender. Probably needs another hour or so. Good luck and let me know how they turn out.
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