Could I freeze this dough or the baked cookies? How does that work?

Sophie Wallerstedt
Megan's Ginger Snaps
Recipe question for: Megan's Ginger Snaps


Krista September 22, 2014
Yes, you could do either. If you are freezing the cookies they should be completely cool and tightly wrapped. I would not freeze them for longer than about a month. The better approach would be to freeze the dough, because then you would have freshly baked cookies from the frozen dough, instead of thawed cookies. You could do this in a ball and then thaw it and make balls, or you could make balls (without dipping in sugar) and place them on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and freeze them till hard, then pop them all in a bag. It would be faster to make small batches of cookies if they are already portioned. Finally, you could simply make 1/2 batch if you are worried about making too many. (To halve an egg, just beat it a little with a fork and then using either your kitchen scale or measuring spoons, portion out half of it.)
ChefJune September 22, 2014
I think the dough will freeze just fine, but I wouldn't freeze the baked cookies for fear they will lose their "snap."
AntoniaJames September 22, 2014
You could also freeze as a log (takes up less freezer space than balls) and cut off cubes or slices, and then shape into balls. If you cut the chunks off and separate them, and then let them sit for about five minutes, they'll warm up enough to shape. You could also try slicing and baking from the log. That often works, even where the recipe's instructions say to roll out and use cutters, or to roll into balls. I'd only test three or four, in case it turns out not to be a great idea. ;o)
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