Any idea if I could make this ahead of time and rewarm or serve at room temp?



creamtea September 29, 2014
After your question, Rivki, I made this and also served it Wednesday night, for family, and also for guests on Thursday. I served it room temp, and it was delicious the next day as well as easy.
Susan W. September 22, 2014
Yes, I think it would be fine to make it ahead. I also think it would be good at room temp.
Ordinary B. September 22, 2014
Thanks Susan!
Ordinary B. September 28, 2014
I made this Tues evening and served it Wed night (reheated in the oven). It was perfect. Thanks for weighing in!
Susan W. September 28, 2014
Glad it was a success. I love it when people report back. :) I'm going to make it soon.
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