I'd like to make a whole-wheat version. If I swap in one cup of whole-wheat flour for one cup of the bread flour should I make any other adjustments?

  • Posted by: essbee
  • September 27, 2014
English Muffins
Recipe question for: English Muffins


Nancy November 5, 2014
essbee - hope the ww bread flour worked. for futures, you may want to use 7/8 cup ww flour to replace 1c white or all purpose flour in a recipe. The ww creates a denser crumb, and reducing the amount helps create a moist end-product (cake or bread). Other thing you may need is to add a little more liquid (water or juice but not milk) to get the batter texture needed in the original.
essbee September 27, 2014
Never mind! I found whole-wheat bread flour and will give that a shot.
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