I've found that wraps do very well overnight in the fridge;

the spread of Neuchaftel cheese, chicken breast,and vegies in a thin type of taco then rolled
in individual sheets of cling
wrap hold well and taste fine the next day. What are the chances they would still be good refridgerated for 48, rather than 24 hours? Of course, I get as much moisture out of the vegies as I can. Thanks!

  • Posted by: NancyD
  • October 3, 2014


Pegeen October 3, 2014
I don't like soggy food. And there are definitely issues with cold moisture vs warm moisture.
Susan W. October 3, 2014
I definitely don't think bacteria is an issue. It's a chilled moist environment like a salad. Warm moist=danger. Chilled moist does not.

I think you could get away with it if you are layering as you describe. Wrap, cheese as a barrier, meat and veggies in the middle. Maybe choose cucumber, olives, green onions and red bell pepper and skip tomatoes.
Susan W. October 3, 2014
I meant to add..the fresher the better. I think you will notice a difference in the two day wrap. If there is a reason (besides convenience) that you need to go 48 hours, then just give it a go.
Pegeen October 3, 2014
I wouldn't want to eat a fresh sandwich that includes veggies after 24 hours. In fact, after 12 hours. There's too much moisture - things get soggy, making a cozy environment for bacteria. Yuck.
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