I have to make various types of wraps for 100 people. I have made them before, but on a much smaller scale. Some people call this type of tray a lavash tray; however, I am not using lavash bread. I am using a standard 12" flour tortilla wrap. I will be cutting the wraps into 1-2 inch pieces and (hopefully) artfully arranging them. Since I've never done this large of a job before, I'd love some tips on how to make it easier/faster. I've never been sure how to properly roll up a wrap for this type of application, nor how to get it to stick together. In the past I have discarded the ends, but if there's a way to save them and make them look like the other pieces, that'd be great. Additionally, I won't be putting any condiments on the wraps, just lettuce, deli meat, and cheese. Thanks in advance!

  • Posted by: amity
  • September 23, 2010


amity September 24, 2010
Thanks so much! Didn't know that about the lettuce, I will do that. Great idea about the ends, too.
mklug September 23, 2010
You likely already know this, but make sure those tortillas are room temp and fresh, otherwise you'll waste a lot with ripping.

Also, make sure that the lettuce is inside the meat or cheese--what I mean is, make sure the moist deli meat is the first layer of filling, because that will make them easier to hold together--that will stick better as you roll it to the tortilla than lettuce will.

And put toothpicks in the roll before cutting, and chill a bit before cutting with that sharp knife, too.
christina September 23, 2010
i'm not sure of any super-fast ways to do this, but i always place my ingredients off-center (and don't overstuff), tuck the end(s) in first, and then roll from there. plating them seam-side down will help them hold together better. I don't think it's necessary to waste the ends, if the lack of symmetry bothers you, plate all the ends in the middle or on the outside. for the best cut, just make sure you have a sharp knife.
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