Pumpkin Roll is sticky on outside after refrigarate

Wrapped Pumpkin roll inplastic wrap and when I brought it out, it was very sticky on the outside. What can I do?

  • Posted by: Carol
  • December 19, 2017


Judy M. November 27, 2019
My husband has made pumpkin roll three times. They all tasted delicious but it the outside surface of the rolls were wet, slightly sweaty(?). One recipe asked for the parchment paper to be greased, and we thought that was the issue. The third time he did not grease the parchment paper but still had the same issue although not as bad. We tried rolling it in confectioners sugar but the sugar melted into the roll. The third time instead of cream cheese filling he used blueberry jam, it was a nice pairing, yum!
Nadeen P. December 12, 2019
Sorry this comment is late. I’ve been experimenting and I ran into the same issues. I learned that the folly should be completely cool before refrigerating or freezing. I also increased some of my ingredients and it came out so much better and breading felt/tasted more fluffy.
Nancy December 20, 2017
Your pumpkin roll recipe is an example of a cream-filled or jelly-roll cake (roll being the operative word).
Most, including yours, ask you to roll the cake in a towel shortly after it comes out of oven. This process (when the cake is still warmish) gives the cake its characteristic shape and still allows you to fill it (later, after cooling).
One recipe from the reliable King Arthur Flour website suggests parchment paper as an alternate wrapping. (It won't stick.)
This time, you used plastic wrap. Not sure, but I suspect the warm cake and the plastic wrap bonded. Options:
1) If you're worried about the (small) amount of plastic now on the cake, discard.
2) If not worried, but it still looks ugly (pulls away in clumps, etc) when you unroll, there's always the classic "save" - renaming it and making it into something else. You could make it all into or portions into a trifle or parfait, using the cream cheese filling from the original, or ice cream, or custard to layer the bits. Top with something crunchy for contrast - nuts, peppermint candies, chocolates. Chill (or freeze, if ice cream) and serve.
3) If you have your heart set on a beautiful pumpkin roll cake, I'm afraid you'll have to start over.
Hope this all helps
Carol December 20, 2017
Cake did not stick to plastic wrap it is just very moist and sticky on outside after took out of frig. Do you think I could try dustingit with powdered sugar or leave it sit out awhile?
Nancy December 20, 2017
Carol - not as bad as it sounded in your original post.
I'm unclear on whether you already added the cream cheese filling before you wrapped in plastic & chilled.
If already filled, best to remove from fridge & dust with confectioner sugar shortly before you plan to serve.
If not yet filled, fill & chill again, remove, dust with sugar, serve.
Glad the cake is OK :)
Carol December 20, 2017
Recipe from /www.verybestbaking.com/recipes/32372/LIBBYS-Pumpkin-Roll
Nancy December 20, 2017
What is the recipe? Please provide link, then we can better suggest what went wrong or how fix...
Carol December 20, 2017
Got the recipe from the following./www.verybestbaking.com/recipes/32372/LIBBYS-Pumpkin-Roll
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