Lots of frozen mangos

Need simple lunch ideas for frozen mangos

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Nancy October 8, 2014
All good ideas. And if you like chutney, make one with your mangoes. (It's the backbone of Major Grey chutney, BTW.) Many recipes online. Condiment will go not only with savory braised dishes (curry, jerk chicken, tagine) but/and with plain grilled meats and fish, bean salads, scrambled eggs, cheese sandwiches. No, I don't like it much. Enjoy.
Sam1148 October 7, 2014
I saw a recipe for a Margarita with mango puree, tequila, Agave Nectar, orange liquor, basil threads, and a salted rim with chili powder and salt.
I'd drink it.
ChefJune October 7, 2014
How ripe were those mangoes when they were frozen? One of the most delicious tastes/feels I can remember in my mouth is/was Sharon's Mango Sorbet. It tastes like it's just a bunch of perfectly ripe mangoes that have been pureed and then frozen. I know there's more to it, but that's the impression it always leaves. If your mangoes are perfectly ripe, I'd make sorbet. :)
Panfusine October 7, 2014
Thaw it and whip it along with greek yogurt and some heavy cream for a mousse like version of Mango 'Srikhand'. Spiced up with cardamom & saffron with a generous sprinkle of chopped pistachios
PazzoNico October 7, 2014
Or mango curry..not very lunch-like though.
PazzoNico October 7, 2014
Pureed, they can be made into sauces and vinaigrettes for fish, chicken, or salads. They give a really nice creaminess and smooth texture.

Recently, I made a sweet and sour chile sauce for spring rolls using pureed mango. Essentially, follow any sweet chili sauce recipe and replace the sweet ingredient (sugar, pineapple, etc.) with mango (about 2 tbsp.).
HalfPint October 7, 2014
If the texture, once thawed, isn't mushy, make a mango and chicken salad. Like this one,
Sarah J. October 7, 2014
This isn't exactly a lunch, but I'd go for mango lassis or mango smoothies! That's part of lunch, at least! You could also make mango sticky rice for dessert.
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