Why does my frozen mango and pineapple smell and taste like fish?

I've purchased frozen mango and pineapple so many times and it sometimes has a distinct fish taste and slight smell. I see a lot of anecdotal comments about it on line but no real explanation. Does anyone know?

  • Posted by: Pilar
  • September 6, 2019


Aiya October 6, 2019
I just ate a small packet of frozen mango from my freezer and I tasted fish. I never experienced this at any other time eating mango. So I looked it up and it seems like it’s a thing. I may still throw the rest out though because I didn't taste this before.
boulangere September 6, 2019
It may be genetic. I love mangoes as much as I love my children, but both of them think they taste like fish. I can't sleep in the same house with cloves. I might just be all about you. And me.
boulangere September 6, 2019
It might...
Pilar September 6, 2019
Actually I don't think so...I grew up in mango country- the Dominican Republic- where many varieties of mango are grown every year. I know what fresh mango (and pineapple) off the tree should taste like. And it's not like fish. I can see why you would say that though.
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