Why does my frozen mango and pineapple smell and taste like fish?

I've purchased frozen mango and pineapple so many times and it sometimes has a distinct fish taste and slight smell. I see a lot of anecdotal comments about it on line but no real explanation. Does anyone know?

  • Posted by: Pilar
  • September 6, 2019


PlayerX July 23, 2023
Having lived all over the globe since birth, I will tell you that it is mostly the environment & growing conditions which cause this. Please keep in mind that mangoes 🥭 are mostly grown in countries with lax or unregulated growing practices, corrupt officials etc..
▪︎Shortage of water, improper irrigation, "bad thinking". Eg: alive fish in large tubs or even in small man made ponds, removed, then that water is tossed out on or by the mango trees. Sometimes the water is just poured or drained on the ground right there but the mango trees are downhill so consequently end up with that water. Another note on this: the fish ponds and/or temporary holding areas are set directly in ground with no plastic barrier, being filled by the rain, the water overflows ends up in the dirt, the fish water leaches into the ground, the water ends up at the trees.
Plants take on the flavors of what they're by and what they're fed both inadvertently and directly.
Cos57 August 5, 2021
Fertiliser based on fish would be the culprit
Remi M. October 3, 2020
I just purchased frozen blueberries and they also smell like frozen fish, absolutely disgusting... It's obvious why they smell like fish, they either freeze the berries or pack the berries same place as they freeze down or pack fish!
Not buying them anymore for sure, so disgusting!
Aiya October 6, 2019
I just ate a small packet of frozen mango from my freezer and I tasted fish. I never experienced this at any other time eating mango. So I looked it up and it seems like it’s a thing. I may still throw the rest out though because I didn't taste this before.
playcat July 24, 2020
yes! I thought I was crazy. I do love the mango flavor, but they smell fishy to me also!
I have tried several brands- all the same smell. the Dole have best color and flavor. I do wonder what countries these were grown in, though...
boulangere September 6, 2019
It may be genetic. I love mangoes as much as I love my children, but both of them think they taste like fish. I can't sleep in the same house with cloves. I might just be all about you. And me.
boulangere September 6, 2019
It might...
Pilar September 6, 2019
Actually I don't think so...I grew up in mango country- the Dominican Republic- where many varieties of mango are grown every year. I know what fresh mango (and pineapple) off the tree should taste like. And it's not like fish. I can see why you would say that though.
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