Hi I'm having trouble blind baking a crust for pumpkin pie traditionally I. Like a all Crisco crust I add vineger but it shrinks am I not making enouI



Shuna L. October 14, 2014
The best way to keep a crust from shrinking is to have it spend as much time in the freezer as possible. I freeze my baking vessel, roll my dough, line baking vessel with dough, freeze, line pie dough with aluminum foil - which can really become one with the interior walls of the dough - pour in my blind baking beans or rice or pebbles - as many of them as I can fit! I put a lot in so that all the walls of my dough are held up by the beans etc. Then I freeze again, and when my oven is piping hot (375F - 400F) I put my baking vessel on a cookie or half sheet pan, and get it into the oven. I set my first timer for at least 20 minutes so I don't peek at it until the crust has really set. Depending on how thick you like your crust, depends on how long it will spend in the oven. I like to see golden brown delicious all along the edge before I pull it out of the oven. Remove beans & liner with a little bowl to avoid burning yourself - you want to get the liner and the beans out while they are still quite warm. I hope this helps - I despise a shrinking crust!
Susan W. October 14, 2014
Things I have heard that cause a crust to shrink. Using a pyrex or glazed pie dish. The solution is to make sure the crust hangs a little over the edge to make up for the slipping. Not resting before baking to allow the gluten to relax. Stretching the dough in place. I usually roll it out and let it rest on the counter for 5 minutes. Baking it without weights. Baking it in an oven that is too hot. Here's a solution that I have never tried. I read somewhere a small amount of baking powder combats shrinkage. The heat causes it to expand, so it fights the shrinking.
Pegeen October 14, 2014
You might want to double-check that your pie dish is the right size for the dough recipe (recipes are usually for 8 or 9 inch dishes). Also, here are some good tips:
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