Searching for a recipe for Pizza di Sfrigole.

Google has failed me. Does anyone have one to share?

I'll Do The Dishes Later


gothamista October 23, 2014
I wish I had my own, but your post intrigued me so I searched. Based on the Serious Eats description, here are a couple of recipes that look like what you want. (I think Google failed you because the Italian word appears to be "sfrigoli"). In any event they may help you find more. (this one is in English but doesn't have many measures and you'd probably want to omit the orange - or not) (use Google Translate - here the "grasselli" listed in the ingredients would be the lard/sfrigoli you'd want to use)

This page notes that "La lavorazione consiste nel preparare l’impasto del pane, aggiungendo del pepe e del formaggio grattugiato ed ovviamente gli sfrigoli." In other words, making pizza con sfrigoli involves preparing the dough and adding pepper, grated cheese, and obviously the sfrigoli/lard. Another recipe in Italian.
drbabs October 23, 2014

Here you go.
I'll D. October 23, 2014
Yes, that's where I heard about it originally, but they do not list a recipe, merely a description.
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