how long can you store cornmeal

organic cornmeal, how long can it be stored at room temp, sealed

Sheila Speller


Shuna L. October 26, 2014
Cornmeal should be stored in glass, away from all light and heat. I keep mine in the fridge in the summer, and in a cupboard far from my oven, in the winter - but my kitchen runs cool in the winter. Depending on when that cornmeal was ground, it could go rancid quickly.
ChezHenry October 26, 2014
Agreed. This is a perfect item to keep in your freezer, along with all types of nuts.
Pegeen October 26, 2014
You can usually go by the expiration date on the box/container if your storage cupboard is dry and cool.
Erva October 26, 2014
I keep mine in the freezer. Then it can last quite some time.

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