Is it safe to drink my fermenting unpasteurized apple cider?

It's been in my fridge for about a month, unopened in the past 3 weeks. Within a few days it had begun smelling yeasty and I was enjoying it then. Is there a limit to how long it is drinkable? What happens if i I leave it longer?

  • Posted by: Mike
  • November 1, 2014


Mike November 2, 2014
Thanks for your insight CH!
ChezHenry November 1, 2014
There is quite a bit more to properly making hard cider, but im sure this type of fermentation is how the whole thing started, by accident. Today, even brewers that use natural yeast fermentation, take it to a point naturally, then actually kill it off and introduce commercial yeast. There are some bad bacteria that can arise, thats why if youve ever seen a food operation involved in fermentation, half of the operation is involved in cleaning, sterilizing and getting ready to clean, scrub and sterilize again. Pickle plants, distilleries, brewers are all massive sterilization operations-its very eye opening to visit.
You might wind up with cider vinegar, but do some more research.
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