I have carton of sour cream mixed with lipton soup, consommne pwd., garlic pwd., hot dry peppers, garlic pwd., and paprika and lemon juice. ?

what can I make with this concoction. I'm stumped,

  • Posted by: nan
  • November 3, 2014


drbabs November 3, 2014
I saw this after I answered your other question. I agree with the marinade answer if you don't want to try and rescue it as a dip.
Maedl November 3, 2014
Perhaps use it as a dip for raw vegetables or maybe a salad dressing. With chicken? A casserole with some sort of boneless chicken, potatoes, onions and carrots? Or marinate the chicken in the sour cream mix then bake it.
Meaghan F. November 3, 2014
Marinade definitely seems like the way to go.
Maedl November 3, 2014
Do you mean something else other than a dip for chips?
nan November 3, 2014
yes, so I can make maybe a chicken dish. It's very very salty for a dip.
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