Fixing super sweet/buttery buttercream frosting

I made buttercream frosting today and while the texture is great and the recipe seems to have worked perfectly, I find it really, really sweet and really, really buttery - almost tasting just like very sugary whipped butter. Any fixes? We added a bunch of ricotta (a modification suggested by the recipe we were using based on the cake base) and some vanilla, which helped a bit, but it's still not perfect.

  • Posted by: LucyS
  • November 8, 2014


Amanda A. November 10, 2014
I've ended up with a cloyingly sweet buttercream frosting with an hour before a family holiday before, and my favorite frosting fix is adding in some mascarpone. It's rich, thick, and though it has its own (heavenly) flavor, I find that it doesn't change the taste of buttercream like cream cheese might. Plus, if you have leftover mascarpone, use the leftover as dipping for strawberries, or also just eating by the spoonful...
Yianna November 10, 2014
I would either whip more salted butter until almost white, and then combine with the sugary frosting. I agree with ATG - Not sure whether this would work since you've added ricotta, which can be quite watery.
Shuna L. November 9, 2014
It sounds like you made American buttercream - you did if you did not cook your sugar... I find that the best fixes involve salt. I like the cream cheese answer her too - but I disagree that there's reason to start over. Sort of. Sometimes when I've made a batch of something that too _____ or not enough _____, I'll make another smaller batch and marry them.

Unfortunately this is what American buttercream is supposed to taste like - sugar and butter. Only with the additions of flavors, extracts, salt (I suggest staying away from table salt & reaching for sea salt or kosher salt), does this concoction taste alright. I like the idea of a ricotta buttercream - very cannoli of you. Ricotta can be tricky because it has a lot of water and water is the enemy of buttercream in general. I'm curious to know how you feel about it now?
LucyS November 10, 2014
Actually it was French buttercream, we did cook the sugar. We strained the ricotta so it wasn't too watery. More ricotta and some lemon zest helped a lot, but I'll definitely be reducing the sugar and butter next time.
ATG117 November 9, 2014
I would have suggested adding cream cheese, but the addition of ricotta concerns me. Maybe wait to see if that's recuable by adding some more ricotta, and if not, start over.
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