There is a black residue inside my olive oil dispenser. I don't know what it is or how to get rid of it.

I have soaked it, washed it, poured vinegar in it, poured vinegar and baking soda in it, used a pipe cleaner brush, nothing will get rid of it. Any help is appreciated.

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ChezHenry November 10, 2014
I have found that Bar Keeper's Friend, an oxalic acid based cleaner similar to Ajax/Comet, is amazing. Use gloves. Blackened Pots, knarly pans, it has laid waste to any kitchen cleaning issue I've had.
Susan W. November 10, 2014
I had the same thing happen to a couple of my flip top kombucha bottles. The residue was white, but it still bugged me. I ended up Macgyvering a tool of sorts. I took a piece of an SOS scrub pad and wired it on to the end of a bottle brush with skinny wire that florists use. I soaked the bottle first with hot water, dawn and baking soda and then used my tool to scrub at the substance. It worked! I had thought about doing the same thing with a piece of foil, but then saw the sos pads.
Pegeen November 10, 2014
I wish I knew the "chemistry" answer but it sounds like some of the oil oxidized. You could try bleach as Bananna suggests. But in case you're grasping at every possible cleaning product, just be sure never to mix bleach and ammonia (the combination is toxic). The other thing is to be sure your oil is stored in a cool, dry place... near the heat of your stove or cooktop is not good. One other thing I can think of is to be sure you drain the dispenser fully, and wash, instead of topping it off with new oil without ever fully emptying it. Hope one of these works!
Pegeen November 10, 2014
p.s. If you decide to retire your dispenser, you can also buy those flip-top pouring spouts on a cork, to use with the original bottle the oil came in. This might sound a little obsessive, but take the oil bottle to the cooking supply store with you and ask if you can try the cork in the bottle. European bottle sizes are different than North American sizes. I speak from weary experience. :-)
Bananna November 10, 2014
enough bleach and hot soapy water, soak.
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