Can you use 00 flour for making cakes?

I'm wondering how using 00 flour will affect a cake recipe that calls for regular flour?

T de Saram


Shuna L. November 14, 2014
My own limited experience with 00 flours is that many of them are high in protein because that is what pasta dough requires. Unless your cake batter and recipe are very forgiving, I would not suggest a direct substitution. Although if you are up for experimentation, I would be interested to know how it worked, if you do so.
Anna November 11, 2014
You can, but I'd measure by weight and not by cups!
nutcakes November 11, 2014
I haven't tried it but if you do, suggest you measure it by weight. I suspect because it is fine a cup will be heavier, but that's just a guess.
Yianna November 11, 2014
Depends on which type you have - 00 could be made from flour with a relatively high protein content at around 12.5% which is the most common, but it could also be made from wheat with a low protein content sometimes. 00' really just means finely ground.

I would check the protein content of the bag, and if it is below 12% then you most probably could sub that for AP flour without compromising cake texture. If it is higher, you could just use 3/4 of the flour's content as 00' and 1/4 as a gluten free flour such as cornstarch.
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