I would really love to use this recipe or its techniques in a pie for the Thanksgiving table. What do we think, how might one adapt this or use it...

...s twice-roasty wisdom to make a better pumpkin pie?

Paul Virant's Pumpkin Butter
Recipe question for: Paul Virant's Pumpkin Butter


sfmiller November 11, 2014
Meta Given's pumpkin pie does something similar, cooking down the pumpkin in a pan on the stove until it's reduced and caramelizing, then carrying on with the custard. (The recipe is on this site.)

I'm sure you could do the reducing step in the oven if you prefer.
Susan W. November 11, 2014
Cooks Illustrated has a pumpkin pie from 1993 that I make every year. Thedeliciouslife.com posted the recipe if you aren't a member of America's Test Kitchen. You make the custard and cook it on the stove until it's dark and shiny. I think it would be a great method for you. Serious eats looks like they have used a more recent CI recipe that uses pumpkin, yams and maple syrup. They use the great CI pie crust with the vodka. I'd link all this for you, but can't from my phone.
AntoniaJames November 11, 2014
I agree 100% with Susan W. If you're interested, Paul Virant has a recipe that uses the pumpkin butter to make pumpkin butter bars, like lemon bars (butter sits atop a sweet shortbread). I cannot post the recipe, due to copyright concerns, but I'd be happy to send it to you in a message if you contact me via the Food52 messaging device on my profile page. The recipe is in "The Preservation Kitchen," which your library might have. ;o)
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