omgoodness ~ followed all of the recipe instructions ~ cooled for over 20 minutes. when I removed from the bundt pan, the bottom of the cake rema...

...ined in the pan.. tasted o.k., however, looks like a big mess. what went wrong? any ideas? also, is the ganache glaze sweet? I noticed ingredients of just the bittersweet chocolate and half and half. i would like to add a "sweet" glaze to my very lopsided, good tasting cake. thanks for any help. i'm a fairly new cake baker so any help will be appreciated

lori benet


Sue November 12, 2014
Those Bundt pans can be a pain in the tush. Definitely flour and butter well. If I'm baking a chocolate based dessert, I use cocoa powder as a substitute for flour.

If you want the glaze to be sweet, you can add a little sugar to the ganache...but taste test as you add sugar. Another way to have a sweeter dessert is to sprinkle powdered sugar over your cake and ganache. Hope that helps!

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Susan W. November 11, 2014
You can make the glaze (with the chocolate that you want), cut the cake into cubes and pour the glaze over it. Top with a little whipped cream, shave chocolate on top and pretend like you did it on purpose. :)
drbabs November 11, 2014
Did it look like a big mess because the top broke off?. Or was it still raw in the middle?. I agree with Angela about the need to heavily butter and flour (I'd use cocoa powder.) the pan, but also make sure you test the cake so that you know it's cooked through. As for ganache, it's all about the chocolate you use. Choose one that you like the taste of.

And be proud of yourself for taking this on!.
Angela November 11, 2014
Bundt pans are tricky sometimes and need to be greased and floured really well to release the cake. After the 20 minute cool, I'd flip it onto a cooling rack and let it sit upside down a few more minutes before trying to gently lift off the pan.
As for the glaze, you could always use semi-sweet chocolate instead if you don't want the rich darkness of bittersweet.
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