Casserole Conundrum: Prep is all done & it is assembled (cauliflwr/potato gratin). Parbake now or refrig & bake in the AM? It's for brunch tomorrow



Jennifer E. November 16, 2014
I baked it for 20 minutes, not much bubbling yet. Took it out and am cooling to refrigerate and finish in the AM. I am in LA so yes, it's late! In the AM, I'll bring it up to room temperature and continue the baking. THANKS ALL!!!
Maedl November 16, 2014
Good point! It is almost 9 am here and the day is well underway!
hardlikearmour November 16, 2014
My thought was if you bake, now you have to let it cool before you can refrigerate it, and it's already 11:30ish where I am so I wouldn't want to stay up to do it!
Maedl November 16, 2014
I have to laugh--now you have two completely opposite opinions. I think that means take your choice--whatever is more convenient for you!
Maedl November 16, 2014
I think I'd bake it now and heat it in the oven before serving tomorrow. That should produce a lot of golden crust.
hardlikearmour November 16, 2014
I vote fridge and bake tomorrow.
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