Washington, D. C

Leaving tomorrow for DC. Where should we take our 10 year old daughter on Friday night for dinner?

Stephanie G


Maedl November 21, 2014
My first choice would be Two Anys on Macomb, just off of Wisconsin. It is loud, crowded, and I don't think they take reservations, but it is very much a local institution. It is close to Sidwell Friends and the National Cathedral schools, so is popular with the families of kids who attend these schools.

Another good pizza restaurant is Pizza Paradiso, which is near Dupont Circle--that is close to the Mayflower. I also love DGS--it is a deli, no pizza, but they have real pastrami and corned beef, plus some other Jewish deli favorites. That is on Connecticut, very close to your hotel.
Stephanie G. November 20, 2014
We're staying at the Mayflower Renaissance...Dupont Circle.
Stephanie G. November 20, 2014
She doesn't like seafood; adores wood fired pizza and pasta.
ChezHenry November 20, 2014
Jaleo! Jose Andres' great tapas bar in DC. My 10 and 15 year old love it, with tapas so many items for them to enjoy. Churros for dessert. I highly, highly recommend.
healthierkitchen November 20, 2014
what sort of food does she like and what neighborhood will you be in Stephanie? Is she adventurous?
Julie M. November 20, 2014
A fun place for kids is Ted's Bulletin (the original location is Capitol Hill) -- casual and fun.
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