2.5 pounds of meat and about 2 pounds of veg for 1 pound of bread?

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Grandy's Sausage Stuffing
Recipe question for: Grandy's Sausage Stuffing


Susan W. November 21, 2014
I have made more than several of Cara's recipes and they are always spot on and delicious. They are meat centric, but then so am I. :) I like to follow recipes as written (especially from a trusted source) before making any changes, but you could always change the amounts of ingredients to your liking. Stuffings are pretty forgiving.
Cara N. November 20, 2014
I don't know the weight of the veg, only the number of pieces. Not entirely sure what the question is here.
sfmiller November 21, 2014
I'm guessing the question concerned whether there was an error in the recipe, since the ratio of meat to bread+veg is much higher than in most stuffings with meat.

Looks freaking delicious to me, and I love the spin-the-spice-rack story!
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