best non dairy substitute? will almond milk or coconut milk creamer work as well?

Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie
Recipe question for: Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie


Yianna November 24, 2014
I would sub coconut cream for the cream part, and coconut or soy milk for the milk; coconut's richness is perfect in pumpkin pies. Not sure about the almond milk or creamer though, I'm assuming that both would make the pie less rich, and the creamer may have other ingredients added to it such as sugar which would change the proportion of the ingredients in the recipe.
spiffypaws November 23, 2014
I would sub coconut milk, it's higher fat than soy and works better.
Monita November 23, 2014
I make a non-dairy pumpkin pie using soy milk which works really well.
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