crumbled cornbread for stuffing?

i'm making a cornbread stuffing for thursday and made the cornbread tonight so it would have time to dry out. when i went to crumble it, a lot of it turned into cornbread dust - you know what i mean, like very fine crumbs, not chunks like i'm guessing it should be for stuffing. if i use the dust is this going to be a hot mess? i'm picturing adding liquid and basically getting cornbread glue. however, i'm not sure how to avoid this if i were to make the cornbread again...

  • Posted by: kitkat
  • November 25, 2014


cook4you November 26, 2014
Even with the dust, you'll achieve the cornbread flavor. I would add in some bread cubes, extra moisture, and fold in cornbread last!
Yianna November 26, 2014
I've added eggs to very dry croutons before and it worked well as a stuffing - it sets as it cooks unlike other liquids. But I agree with Merrill; it would be safer to start again.
kitkat November 26, 2014
Merrill S. November 25, 2014
I think you should probably start again. Sounds like your cornbread recipe may be a dryish one to begin with -- you may want to cut it into cubes and toast them before making the stuffing, rather than crumbling it.
kitkat November 26, 2014
i suspect you're right. thanks! hopefully the next version i make will be solid enough to cut into cubes (this one was pretty fluffy).
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