Does anyone know how long can kashk keep, refrigerated? In a fit of Persian cooking I bought a jar a while back and still haven't made the particular recipe I bought it for. Now, Ottolenghi calls for it in Plenty More and I'm not sure if the jar I have is still good. My jar is kashk bibi. Thanks!!



healthierkitchen December 3, 2014
This looks like the one I have, thanks! Didn't think of googling it - thought maybe someone here has some hands on experience!
trampledbygeese December 3, 2014
Are we talking Kechk made from fermenting yoghurt, salt and wheat (usually cracked balger), is off white and has a yeasty smell? I know there are lots of different spellings (kishk, trahanas, &c) for it based on what language it's transliterated from.

If it is Kechk, this is usually powdered and in that state will keep for a year or so at room temp (unless pasteurized). I've never seen it in paste or dough form, but when I make the paste, it usually keeps for a week or three in the fridge before I get nervous and toss it. I think it would keep significantly longer, as it is a live culture food, but the flavour would probably change over time.

But if Kashk is something else... maybe you could tell me more about it, what it smells like, colour, is it powder or liquid or...? It's possible I know it but by a different name, or I can ask my Lebanese friend tomorrow about how long it will keep.
healthierkitchen December 3, 2014
I believe it is a fermented yogurt product which is why I am even wondering if it's still good - with regular dairy I'd already have pitched it. I have not opened the jar so can't talk about smell. It is not a powder. It seems to have the consistency of sour cream or yogurt or creme fraiche even. I guess I can ask at the market where I bought it.
Ali S. December 2, 2014
Looks like it has a one-year shelf life when kept refrigerated: http://www.sayadmarket.com/products/-----Bibi-Kashk-%DA%A9%D8%B4%DA%A9-%D8%A8%DB%8C-%D8%A8%DB%8C.html
healthierkitchen December 3, 2014
This looks like the same one I have. I just called the market where I bought it and she advised that "it should be good unopened for a few months in the refrigerator, but only good for a week or ten days once opened." Rather vague!
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