After I put the first of 2 cops of Jasmine brown rice into boiling water, I realized I had forgotten to rinse it. I rinsed and added the seco

Will it be okay to eat or should I toss it? It was the last of the rice. Thanks, Dotparker



dotparker December 4, 2014
Thanks so much for the prompt answers. It is just that on the bag it instructs to be sure to rinse first. Thanks again, dotparker
Regine December 4, 2014
Why would not you eat it? A lot of people don't even rinse their rice before cooking it. I am a big time rice eater and cooker. I rinse white and brown rice because it makes it more fluffy (I like fluffy rice) but that is the main reason. As for parboiled rice, I do not rinse it. So I say eat it. D)
Monita December 4, 2014
It will be fine. No need to toss
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