A question about a recipe: Roast Wild Boar

I have a question about the recipe "Roast Wild Boar" from ChrisandAmy. your wild boar recipe shows potatoes in the pan with the roast, but nothing is mentioned in the recipe. also is the 1/2 hr cooking time correct it seems very short. i am making three two lbs roast for a dinner party and cannot afford to have everything out of sinc because the meat is not done

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Roast Wild Boar
Recipe question for: Roast Wild Boar

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Monita December 7, 2014
Here is a link to the same recipe on chrisandamy's website. http://www.acoupleinthekitchen.us/2011/02/roast-wild-boar.html
There too it shows potatoes but doesn't mention it in the ingredient list although it calls for a bed of vegetables and provides a suggested list so you could use any. It also gives the cooking time as 30 min with the temp of 155-160. I'd go by the temp. rather than the time. Check at 30 and take it from there.
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