Tried to reach you in a email, boy that's hard, where??? Samantha's chocolate receipt has a mistake, # 5 step needs lower the donut balls.

Step #5 in chocolate has a missing word ( Lower the donut balls)

  • Posted by: stony
  • December 10, 2014


luvcookbooks December 10, 2014
I checked my profile and don't see the little envelopes any more... ?have they changed locations. You can also post a question directly from the recipe, to the right of comments, so that the question links to the recipe and is sent to the recipe's author's e mail.
Susan W. December 10, 2014
When I go to your profile, I see your envelope, but not when I go to mine. I think it's always been that way.
Susan W. December 10, 2014
If you go to the author's profile, you will see a little envelope. You can click it to send an email directly to her.
luvcookbooks December 10, 2014
Editors@food52 usually works quickly. Can also leave a comment below the recipe.
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