Red onion or shallot condiment / chutney

Does anyone have a preferred recipe for a red onion or shallot condiment/chutney? And something a little spicy, maybe from Indian cuisine, would be interesting. Looking for a chunky, savory accompaniment to go with a spiral-cut ham for a brunch. I already have the sweet ones: the traditional honey mustard and a balsamic cherries chutney. Thank you!

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • December 10, 2014


luvcookbooks December 14, 2014
Andrea Nguyen has a nice looking recipe for pickled shallots in her banh mi cookbook. Looks like it brings a similar sharp counterpoint to Vietnamese cold cuts. You can also salt sliced red onions with a bit of vinegar. Add finely chopped parsley (a tiny bit) and you have a seasonally colored dish. The salt and vinegar softens the flavor of the onion.
Pegeen December 12, 2014
Thank you!
Nancy December 11, 2014
For spicy, try harissa (North Africa and middle-eastern pepper sauce), in either red or green versions. Or zhug (zhoug, etc many spellings), a Yemenite hot sauce, also make-able in red or green version. For seasonal and rich/spicy Winter Chutney from Chef Allen Susser of Miami (with apricot cranberry pear and mango). Last, I've seen but not yet tried L. V. Anderson's apple-onion chutney (Slate magazine).
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