I cannot find my recipe that came from an old Gourmet Magazine to make a yeast bread for Christmas - a cinnamon maple "wreath".



Barbara I. November 1, 2020
I am looking for a Broccoli and Swiss quiche recipe with slivered almonds on top from Gourmet Magazine from the late 70-'s - 1980. Can anyone help?
Holly June 12, 2020
I am hoping to find the recipe for Creamed Carrots with Dill from the Gourmet May 1977 issue. Any one have it?
Chuck G. December 29, 2018
I am looking for a cheese & sausage strata out of the 1983 Dec issue of Gourmet magazine. I've lost mine. Help!
chris December 24, 2018
I have an old recipe from Gourmet magazine probably from the 70's or 80's called Maple Pecan Wreath - I make it every Xmas for breakfast. Is this the recipe u might be looking for ?
chris December 24, 2018
I just saw someone already found it - good to know where I can find it in case I lose mine. Does anyone know what year that recipe came out ?
Laurence C. November 18, 2018
Well-loved, but hope this is it
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Chuck G. December 30, 2018
I'm trying to find a recipe from that same issue. Its cheese & sausage strata. Could you help?
Jasmine December 17, 2014
It was my pleasure!
Jasmine December 17, 2014
I think it found it!
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ChefAnnie December 17, 2014
Jasmine - This is it indeed and I am totally grateful. You were so kind to do this for me and I hope I can return the favor someday. And I agree with Pegeen above. There could not be a better group of researchers. Thank you to everyone who responded and to Amanda and Merill for this totally awesome sight. I will now go read through more questions and see if I can help someone else. Jasmine - you're a doll!
ChefAnnie December 17, 2014
Forgot to say, please also thank your in-laws!
Pegeen December 17, 2014
ChefAnnie, seems like you couldn't ask for a better group of researchers. :-)
Dona December 16, 2014
I don't knowmif you're interested, but that issue of Gourmet magazine is for sale on eBay.
ChefAnnie December 16, 2014
I have learned that the recipe is properly titled "Maple Pecan Wreath" and it was published in Gourmet Magazine December 1983 if anyone can post the recipe for me from the magazine. Must be some collectors out there????
Jasmine December 17, 2014
I'm going to my in-laws house today, they have a complete collection dating back to 1978. I will look!
arcane54 December 15, 2014
I found this recipe, too: http://www.tarabblog.com/2011/12/maple-cinnamon-twist-wreath.html casting a wide net via the Dogpile search engine. Also try foodblogsearch.com.
arcane54 December 15, 2014
This is long shot since I don't know where you live, but try your local library. They may have back issues; some libraries even let you check out bound periodicals.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 14, 2014
I think it might be from the December 1983 issue, in case anyone has a hard copy they could look at.
Catherine December 14, 2014
Have you tried contacting Gourmet? They probably have a repository of old recipes. It wouldn't hurt to try.
luvcookbooks December 13, 2014
This looks beautiful, although not exactly the same.
ChefAnnie December 14, 2014
Definitely not the same! But, thank you for the response.
Meaghan F. December 13, 2014
Did you try Epicurious? It's a repository for Gourmet and Bon Appetit recipes.
ChefAnnie December 14, 2014
Yes, I did an extensive web search to no avail.
Bevi December 13, 2014
I found this: http://www.tarabblog.com/2011/12/maple-cinnamon-twist-wreath.html

I could not find a thing on the gourmet.com website.
ChefAnnie December 14, 2014
Thanks. I'm afraid this is not the recipe I need. I also looked on Gourmet website. I had been making it for many years, so probably from pre-web days.
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