Freezing unbaked bread?

I just made 6 loaves of cream cheese danish bread (recipe here: and was wondering if i can freeze the loaves unbaked for a week. Will they turn out ok if I bake them right from frozen. I want to give them away for the holidays but want them to be freshly baked when I give to friends next week.

Julia child


passifloraedulis December 18, 2014
I suggest baking them only until they have puffed, but not turned golden brown. Then freeze it, and when you are ready to use you can thaw and continue baking until golden brown.

While you could theoretically freeze them unbaked, you would have to let the dough defrost overnight in the refrigerator, then let the dough rise again at room temperature on the next day, which would take a few extra hours than stated in the recipe. There's also a risk the yeast might die in the freezer, but people debate this point.
passifloraedulis December 18, 2014
Note that it's important to not open the oven door before the bread is fully puffed. For regular loaves, this means not opening the door in the first 15-20 minutes. However, your recipe only calls for a baking time of 15-18 minutes.... You'd have to experiment.
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