Alternative Christmas meal?

This Christmas my husband and I will be eating no less than three traditional roast meat Christmas meals. We've been asked to cook an additional meal at my father-in-law's place - any ideas for something to break up the heavy roast meat monotony but keep the festive feel?



Jenny M. December 21, 2014
Go for the fish or pic something you realy like and make that it is a celbration so we shouth have some thing we like
cranberry December 20, 2014
We like to have fondue in these situations. One cheese, one broth or oil, one chocolate with a large variety of goodies to dip.
aargersi December 20, 2014
A whole salt baked fish is great looking and great tasting, and great fun when you bash the salt apart:

Then go with lighter / different sides (whole grains, great salads) and you're there!!

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kimhw December 20, 2014
Roast half salmon. Much lighter but so impressive looking. Serve with a salad of wheat berries cooked in apple cider, diced and roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries and spinach. Toss with a little sunflower oil, cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Yummy and much lighter.
caninechef December 20, 2014
My exstended family always loves a "cocktail party" Christmas Eve Menu filled with a wonderful array of appetizers, dips, antipasta etc. I ussually round out with a green salad ( with festive ingredients) and a baked pasta for kids or fussy people. Last New Years I served Ina Garten's baked Scampi, wonderful unless you have an adversion to serious butter. We are butter fans but I think even I cut it back.
Nancy December 20, 2014
Go to some cuisines you like/are experienced in/have connections to. Find their festive menus and if possible, import to Christmas. Then you'll have something truly festive and reliably good tasting. Possibilities include Italian seven fishes dinner (served Christmas eve), Persian new year feast, vegetarian mains/menu from reliable chef/cook like Jamie Oliver or Yotam Ottolenghi.
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