Dough is very hard after removing from fridge where I left it to proof overnight. Any thoughts on what went wrong? Can I salvage the dough at this...

... stage

Cherry-Almond Danish
Recipe question for: Cherry-Almond Danish


Amanda H. December 27, 2014
Hi mbierlich, I'm sorry to be seeing this so late -- the dough definitely firms up in the fridge (it has butter in it, and also doughs stiffen as they chill), but it should loosen up as it goes through the second rise. I realized, as I was making this again this year, that I don't clarify in the recipe that the second rise should happen out of the fridge. Also, it will take more than 30 minutes. I'll fix this. I hope this is helpful and I really hope your danish turned out well -- let me know when you have a chance!
Nancy December 21, 2014
hard to know. could be your fridge was very cold. If that, leaving at room temp an hour or two should bring it back to life. could be the yeast was accidentally killed (sad, I know from early bread-making) and so if it doesn't rise after 1-2 hr at room temp, mix up a fresh batch of yeast (careful to keep water at safe temp), knead this into dough and start again. If you do this but you're short of time, maybe omit the overnight fridge rise, and do a room rise (to double the volume), then follow recipe as directed.
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