I am making a roasted vegetable lasagna, refrigerating uncooked overnight and baking the next day. Will this result in a flatter lasagna?

  • Posted by: Cheryl
  • December 22, 2014


ChezHenry December 22, 2014
No, you'll be fine!
ktr December 22, 2014
Are you using veggies for the noodles? I have no experience with that but I do regularly make lasagna and either freeze it or put in in the fridge to be cooked the next day and have never had any issues. I also do not use the no cook noodles, I use regular noodles and then assemble the lasagna with the noodles uncooked and they cook while baking the lasagna.
Nancy December 22, 2014
same experience as ktr...ok to hold in fridge or freezer.
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