No electric mixer, any other recipes for gingerbread house glue?

Actually, I don't even own a whisk - I'm such a deprived cook.

I'm either looking for a gingerbread house icing/glue that doesn't involve whisking egg whites, or someone to convince me that whisking egg whites by fork isn't as horrible as it sounds (for this recipe -

Any takers?



trampledbygeese December 24, 2014
After all that whisking, I have decided that it was worth it. This icing was exactly like I imagine icing should taste and a lot better glue than last year's icing sugar and water. In fact, unlike icing sugar and water, this royal icing is actually white!

So, was it worth almost an hour of whisking? Giving that it's only once a year, I think it was. But I won't know until tonight when the kids arrive and they get to decorate. That's always fun to watch, and 'fun' to clean up.
drlaura December 24, 2014
Use a hot glue gun for the actual glue and then cover it with piped store bought frosting.
trampledbygeese December 24, 2014
41 minutes of beating the icing with a fork she puts down her bowl and wonders, "what am I doing? This is crazy." With the hand that isn't shaking from exertion, she pours a glass of wine, takes a sip, picks up icing bowl and returns to whisking. (with a quick break in there to type this, of course)

For future reference, whisking the egg whites by hand was the easy part, whisking the icing till super-stiff by hand, is not. This had better be the bestest darn icing ever.
cookbookchick December 23, 2014
Lemon curd!
cookbookchick December 23, 2014
maryGpastorek December 23, 2014
Whisking with a fork really isn't too bad, it should take about 6-8 minutes.
trampledbygeese December 23, 2014
Really? That's all? That's a good deal faster than whip cream... I'll give it a go.

Now what to do with the extra yolks?
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