Inspire me - your favourite fresh pasta recipe

The main Feast of the Holidays is now over for us, now time for a treat. I feel like making fresh pasta tomorrow... but what kind of sauce? There are so many to choose from. What's your favourite for fresh pasta?

I would love to hear all your favourites, though which I choose to make will depend entirely on what's in the cupboard (no shops open). There is cauliflower, leftover roast chicken and a few other bits and bobs. Envisioning a sauce that clings to the pasta without overwhelming it.



Bevi December 28, 2014
Without question the two most lovely pasta dishes I have made are this:
And Ed Giobbi's:
The alla foriana I have made is based on a recipe offered at Sal's restaurant in Provincetown, MA, and in addition to the ingredients Ed lists, anchovies are included.
bugbitten December 28, 2014
Best olive oil, sliced garlic-barely toasty. cheese FROM Parma, fresh parsley to finish.
You'll think you went abroad. Oh, and a sesame-seeded semolina bastard loaf.
This is life, so pour the olive oil!
trampledbygeese December 27, 2014
These are wonderful recipes. Thank you for sharing.

I'm bummed out because I haven't had a chance to make pasta yet. First there was the stomach ache from my once a year indulgence in sugar - never eating sugar again! - then cleaning up from the feast, visiting relatives, &c. Oh so many things.

But today! Today is the day for making fresh pasta! It has to be, my sanity is at risk.

Have yet to decide what sauce to make, so please keep the inspiration coming. You guys are awesome. (bummed out? awesome? I'm showing my age today be we can chalk that up to going so long without pasta)
QueenSashy December 27, 2014
Here is the link to a pasta with breadcrumbs and and anchovies, it is very simple too...
QueenSashy December 26, 2014
Basically, I make beurre monte (emulsified butter) and add about a teaspoon of ketchup or tomato sauce to about 6-8oz of butter. Then I mix it with cooked pasta and if needed, add a bit of cooking water. At the end you will not be able to detect the tomato, there will be only a really nice umami flavor to it.
Susan W. December 26, 2014
Got it! Can't wait to try it.
QueenSashy December 26, 2014
My favorite is close to naked, just a splash of tomato scented butter and a generous sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano
Susan W. December 26, 2014
I agree with the close to naked pasta. Fresh or dried, I like it barely coated. Love the idea of your tomato scented butter. It doesn't say when to add the ketchup. Does it go into the simmering water?
trampledbygeese December 27, 2014
Great link, amazing photos! Can't wait to try the recipe (once I get shopping).

Almost naked pasta is very appealing right now.

In a side note, the write up mentioned we can eat pasta with breadcrumbs and anchovies? I have those (well, stale bread and canned anchovies in any rate). Is it yummy? Any particular method? I'm off to dig out my Italian cook book which I think had a recipe like that.

kimhw December 25, 2014
Carbonara. There is nothing more comforting.
trampledbygeese December 27, 2014
You wouldn't believe it, but I've never had carbonara. I always worried it will taste like scrambled egg with bacon... or is that the beauty of it? Would it go well with short pasta?
aobenour December 25, 2014
My favorite is a rosemary chestnut sauce. Melt some butter, add fresh rosemary and chopped chestnuts and cook for a couple minutes, stir in your cooked pasta, finish with Parmesan-Reggiano and some of the pasta cooking water if needed.
hardlikearmour December 25, 2014
This is a really tasty dish, though not the sauce clinging to pasta sauce you're envisioning, it is worth a gander: (and yes, the pun was intended)
trampledbygeese December 27, 2014
Love the pun, thank you. Ganders, in all their forms, are great.
CanadaDan December 25, 2014
Nothing is better than a good naked tomato sauce. I've had several people tell me I should bottle and sell mine and it's so ridiculously easy..
Fresh pasta is so good there's no need to serveit with a complicated sauce in my opinion
servings 8


3 cans whole san marzano or plum tomatoes
2 tbsp sugar
1.5 cups olive oil
2 bunches fresh basil
8 whole cloves garlic
pinch red pepper flakes
salt and pepper

in a saucepan, bring the olive oil, basil, garlic and pepper flakes to a simmer. turn down to low and let steep for at least 45 minutes or longer. Up to 2 hours.

de-seed the tomatoes by hand, discard the seeds, reserve the deseeded tomatoes and juice

heat a pot on medium heat, add a little olive oil then the deseeded tomatoes and juice. add salt and pepper a handful of sugar. bring to a boil, turn down to a light simmer and let simmer for at least 2 hours

Strain thr garlic and basil out of the oil. Begin blending the Tomatoes with a hand blender while slowly pouring in the oil to emulsify it.

once the oil is mixed in, the sauce is ready though you can let it simmer for longer if to develop the flavours more.

to serve the pasta...heat a skillet on med-low heat. add tomato sauce and let it reduce a bit for a few minutes. cook paste to slightly underdone (ie very al dente) and then add the pasta along with a little bit of the pasta water to the pan. mix in the pasta and a chunk of butter and cook for another 2 minutes so it soaks up the sauce
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