orange peel granules v. fresh grated orange peel: will the taste be very diif if I use the granules for a cookie recipe instead of fresh?

  • Posted by: barb48
  • December 29, 2014


Nancy December 30, 2014
Don't know about granules but have used dried zest in a pinch and found it ok. If granules are all you have, try once and see. I didn't miss any significant liquid, but if you''re worried about that add a small amount to replace missing oj.
jilhil December 30, 2014
If you mean the dried granules, think you should stick to fresh. It's not just the taste (although that will be less prominent with dried because you've lost some essential oil) but the texture that may be a concern. If there's not enough liquid in your recipie or enough time to soften the granules you might get an unpleasant grittiness.
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