Romantic NYE main course

My husband loves NYE and the last decedent meal of the holiday season. I hate it. Too many people drinking and driving. Limited menus that I'm always disappointed with.
Compromis, I cook something wonderful and romantic.
This year I'm starting with a great semi hard cheese crusted with diced olives and sun friend tomatoes. Oysters with mignonette. Then lobster bisque. I'm at a loss for a main course. I'm thinking meat; beef, veal, lamb, venison. If cooked duck and goose over the holidays.
All ideas are appreciated.

  • Posted by: kimhw
  • December 30, 2014


drbabs January 2, 2015
So…what did you end up doing? I hope he loved it.
kimhw January 3, 2015
Herb crusted lamp chops! Yum. Over a simple green salad.
Nancy January 1, 2015
Kim - came too late to this lovely thread for NYE 2014 to add an idea. But for next time, to tie romantic ideas to your continuing life AND the coming New year, plan a menu on the wedding tradion of somethings old, new, borrowed, blue ..(e.g. and old favorite, one dish New to you two, one from another culture or cuisine, and your ideas for blue)...
AntoniaJames December 31, 2014
I realize you did not include pork as one of the meat options, but if you do eat pork, you should consider this tenderloin: So easy to make, and absolutely delicious (if you follow the instructions to the letter and cook to the stated temperature, and not more). This is one of our favorite meat main dishes. Splash a little wine in the pan juices; last time I made it, I used quite a bit of finely chopped rosemary and thyme in the marinade, and added extra to the pan-juice sauce. Plus, the leftovers make great Cubans! ;o)
Stephanie G. December 31, 2014
I think your menu sounds totally decadent so far so I'd go with the beef tenderloin. Happy New Year's Eve!
soozy December 31, 2014
A romantic, fancy and delicious main course is a beef tenderloin - and it couldn't be simpler.
luvcookbooks December 31, 2014
Or artichokes w homemade mayo. Nothing says I love you like homemade mayo. Are you serving a sweet?
luvcookbooks December 31, 2014
Have u thought about a lobster main and 86 the bisque? Lobster is romantic. Also artichoke w melted butter and lemon. Artichoke hearts are uber romantic. Thinking about Valentine's Day and guessing you and your partner might be eating in.
ChefJune December 31, 2014
Lobster IS romantic, but it's also very messy to eat. Somehow I think of lobster as a romantic shore dinner in the summer.
kimhw December 30, 2014
Lamb lollipops with mustard and herbs over a mixed greens salad with an anchovies vinaigrette. All are small courses.
I am moving the cheese toward the end and adding a course of grilled asparagus with shaves Parma and a bit, just a bit of truffle oil between the bisque and lamb.

Our dinners take 4+ hours with wine and conversation in between each course.

The other important part of a romantic meal is making sure there isn't too much clean up. This is perfect, all plates can go in the dishwasher and that only leaves my grill pan to be washed.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 30, 2014
If you wanted to continue the seafood theme for an entree perhaps seared scallops or pancetta wrapped salmon. If you want to sear meat baby lamb chops or filet medallions. You're menu sounds delicious.
drbabs December 30, 2014
I agree with CJ and AJ that you need to find out what his very favorites are. Your menu, to me, is excessively rich. I think you need to break up the richness. Frankly, oysters and bisque would be more than enough for me (but you could feel differently). If you're going to do a filet mignon and oysters, I'd skip the heavy bisque and consider a lemony salad--maybe marinated artichoke hearts and hearts of palm? Special but not heavy. And that cheese, I agree, would go after the main meal (or not at all, if you're serving a rich dessert). And champagne (or sparkling wine) always.
ChefJune December 30, 2014
What's HIS favorite meat? What does he think is romantic? Rack of lamb with a mustard/herb crust could be very romantic. So could a double thick veal chop with a mushroom/creme fraiche sauce. So could a filet of beef with a blue cheese/mascarpone sauce or a cocoa coffee rub. What are you (and he) in the mood for?
ChefJune December 30, 2014
And fwiw, I would start with the oysters and serve the cheese after the main course and before dessert.
AntoniaJames December 30, 2014
I'm with you on all counts here, June. Especially serving the cheese before dessert. Cheese to start the meal? Incomprehensible. (Yes. I know people do it. But it makes no sense whatsoever. Why on earth would one ever diminish one's / one's guest's appetite before the main dish?) ;o)
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