How long would you cook chicken meatballs so they are perfectly done?

They are 1.5" diameter and will be cooked in an oven at 350

Forrest Sontag


Meaghan F. January 14, 2015
Here's a recipe that sounds somewhat similar to what you're trying to do that calls for baking 35 minutes @ 350:
"Perfection," though, will depend just as much on the prep as the cooking; hopefully you've incorporated some kind of fat if you're using 90% lean meat or leaner, and that the ingredients haven't been over mixed. Both can lead to dry or tough meatballs.
Forrest S. January 14, 2015
I found a food thermometer hiding in the back of a drawer, tested a meatball at 15 min and it was 155, looks like 17 min was the ideal goal
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