freezing cooked beans

I plan on making a soup with cannellini beans and farro later this week, Friday actually. Can I cook the beans this weekend and freeze the beans and the stock until then.

Lucia from Madison


Lucia F. January 24, 2015
Actually I was going to freeze them separately. But good to know they can go together!
Thanks for the help!
Susan W. January 24, 2015
I often/always freeze beans. Usually they are in a soup or Merrills Brothy Garlicky beans, but sometimes they are just soaked and cooked. It has always worked great.
Susan W. January 24, 2015
I just realized you mean freeze the beans and stock together. Absolutely.
Stephanie G. January 24, 2015
I don't see why not. I always have beans in my freezer...all kinds.
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