Can a big batch of chili that was previously frozen, thawed, and warmed, be safely refrozen then used next week?

  • Posted by: Char
  • February 1, 2015


LE B. February 3, 2015
Well, I say. Absolutely, yes. Not ideal but i do not see it being dangerous. Suggestion to avoid future repeats of this problem: freeze leftovers in smaller quantities. the worst that can happen is you need to defrost more, while you're serving the rest, but defrosting is pretty darn quick in the microwave ((which is how we defrost all our soups and stews.)
Pegeen February 3, 2015
Hi, Le Bec Fin. It is indeed potentially dangerous. If the first round of defrosted chili sat at room temperatures higher than 40F for a while before being refrozen, that's bad enough. But then defrosting it again and letting it come back to room temp again invites further microbes.
Bea February 1, 2015
The flavor is not what is was it becomes blah. How about a chili mac casserole with leftovers.
Pegeen February 1, 2015
It would be risky, so “No.” Frozen and thawed food can develop bacteria faster than fresh food. So freezing and thawing twice increases the risk. Also, the taste will deteriorate because you are bursting the food cells twice (each time you freeze it).

Instead of refreezing, maybe better to invite over some friends or give some away!
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