Would a Caesar dressing be ok after 4 days? Anchovies paste, lemon juice, coddled egg, Parmesan

Molly Fuller


nancy E. February 4, 2015
It may be safe to eat but the flavors will have changed. give fresh lemon squeeze. Might help
sydney February 4, 2015
I make it regularly. Four days is pushing it. I would use it in a pinch but otherwise never go over three days. (Yum.)
Nancy February 4, 2015
Yes, but I'd say Day 4 is probably your last day. I looked up both cooked egg & homemade dressing on a site called still tasty, which provides duration by food type & where stored (sources fda, dept of ag, Cdc). dressing got 1 wk fridge; egg (the more fragile in this mix) got 3-4 days in fridge.
Molly F. February 4, 2015
Stored in the fridge, concerned about safety.....thanks for answering!
Nancy February 4, 2015
Where did you store it? Are you asking safety or taste or both?
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