how to make the crust for dorie's parisian custard flan

this can b made w/o making a crust -- the flan itself makes it's own crust. but she pours her custard into a springform pan lined w puff pastry and i lined mine w pate briseée. in her demo, she doesn't freeze or chill the dough in any way. i presently have mine in the freezer but won't pre-bake it. i will chill the custard overnight and pour it into the crust w/o giving it any time to defrost or pre-bake. there's a tart i make using pate brisée that's also baked at 400 w/o pre-baking and coming straight from the freezer, so i'm assuming it won't b a problem. and this is just for friends, so no problem if it's a learning experience. just thought i'd ask ur thoughts. Tx

  • Posted by: alan
  • May 8, 2022
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1 Comment

Nancy May 8, 2022
Alan, your method - no pre-baking the pastry, just chilling, forming it in pan, fill with chilled custard and bake - sounds same as what Greenspan does.
If it's not in the video, see second part of written recipe here.
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