Survey for School.!

Hello my name is Caroline and I have to do a survey for school. It is only one simple question. Do any of you have the Problem of not knowing if your food is already expired or not knowing if it is still good to eat.
Thank you.

  • Posted by: Caro
  • February 5, 2015


Kristen W. February 6, 2015
I would say I keep pretty good track of "use by" dates for uncooked food -- especially meat -- but when the fridge gets overfull sometimes items will slip through the cracks. In those cases I usually look and smell first and then check the "sell by" date to determine whether or not to toss it. Fresh produce doesn't have a "sell by" date, so in that case it's the "look, smell, and taste" test. I'll admit I've eaten a few bendy carrots in a pinch, though!
TobiT February 5, 2015
I do! We are not nearly as organized in our house as the rest of the people who responded! Often we will have something in our fridge that look and smells perfectly fine even though it is past its best buy date. I tend to toss it unless I'm 100% confident it's ok. My husband is the opposite: he tends to keep it unless he's confident it's not ok. As you can imagine we have some moments of disagreement ....
boulangere February 5, 2015
No, because I label and date everything that goes into the refrigerator or freezer. Deli foods (meats, cheeses) should always have the expiration date printed on the label.
Pegeen February 5, 2015
Not usually because things get eaten up pretty quickly. If I'm putting something in the freezer, I write the date it goes into the freezer on the bag or container.

In case it's helpful for your project, there's a website called that advises on "use by" dates.
SMSF February 5, 2015
No. I am pretty vigilant about keeping track of things in the fridge or pantry.
Panfusine February 5, 2015
Not sure if the food you're referring to is the lunch served at school, but my kids always take food from home and its prepared fresh from scratch the previous day, or whipped up in the morning.
ktr February 5, 2015
No. But leftovers don't last very long in my house.
Fat T. February 5, 2015
no, never.
Nancy February 5, 2015
Sorry, no. I keep track of when I cook foods, and use them after durations recommended by CDC, USDA, FDA (not always the same as manufacturers). I'm esp careful with meat and dairy.
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