Salmon tartare

I am having a party and would like to try a new recipe for salmon tartare. Which one is your favorite?



amysarah February 6, 2015
There's a really tasty salmon tartare from the Mesa Grill Cookbook (ate it several times at the old restaurant, way pre Bobby Flay's TV fame.) Just found it online - came up adapted by Amanda Hesser. Small world! I've served it on thin slices of baguette, if you don't want to bother making tostones, though they are great with it.
LeBec F. February 6, 2015
sashy, i love sesame oil for tuna and salmon and smoked fish tartares. I basically use some version of this:

Other than that, my fav ever tartare was at Cafe Atlantico, Jose Andres' great restnt in D.C. He coats tuna w/ a blend of coconut milk, minced red onion, jalapeno, lime juice, and tops it with crushed Corn Nuts. I could eat it all day!
There's a photo and description of his current version:

I've been googling for a recipe but haven't found one yet.
LeBec F. February 6, 2015
here is one of his recipes for this:
QueenSashy February 6, 2015
this sounds very yummy and I am now thinking tuna instead of salmon :)
mickle February 5, 2015
I like Ina Garten's Fresh Salmon Tartare recipe on the Food network.
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