Swiss chard and Salmon

I have swiss chard and salmon for dinner. Need some ideas for a quick and healthy one person meal. I want to broil the salmon as well.

Madame Sel


Linn February 25, 2013
One of my favorite combinations! My approach is do the prep just as Pierino did, but to steam the chard. A fine piece of broiled salmon has enough fat for the whole meal, to my taste at least. Then some rice or a mixed blend of wild rice, quinoa, and basmati to finish the plate.
trampledbygeese February 25, 2013
Swiss chard namuru with just the leaves of the chard. It's great as leftovers the next day too, so make extra.

(assuming you eat pork) For the chard stems, I would fry up about one rasher of bacon, cut into matchsticks, fry it to crispy. Cut the chard stems up into 1/2 inch lengths and some small matchsticks of carrots. toss in with the bacon, then use soy (or soy substitute) and a tiny splash of white wine or sake if you have it to make a glaze. really yummy.

Some rice for a side dish and the salmon just simply broiled with salt and pepper.
pierino February 25, 2013
Trim the stems and wash the leaves. Cook them in butter as you might cook spinach with the water still clinging. Season with salt and pepper an possibly nutmeg. Serve the salmon on top.
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